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Save Tenant Services – this has nothing to do with the campaign but we thought we’d have a Zen moment to celebrate this week’s big news and prepare for the next stage of the campaign to solve the long term TAAS funding issue with the State government! (p.s. thanks to the Gillard government for the life line)Zen moment

Rocky TAAS says goodbye

Losing their last trained worker and without funding security after June 30, the challenges were just too big for the Rockhampton TAAS.  If the State accepted the $2.5M offer of funding from the Commonwealth, maybe tenants there would still have access to specialist tenancy advice.  Here’s a final message from Rocky TAASRocky T2

Government must put people before politics and accept TAAS funding offer – State Opposition

Government Must Put People Before Politics And Accept TAAS Funding Offer

TUESDAY 28 MAY 2013 

The Newman government has put politics before people, refusing to accept a Commonwealth offer to save the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service with the Cairns TAAS already closed and Rockhampton TAAS to close by the end of the week.

Shadow Housing Minister Jo-Ann Miller said although the LNP government had an offer of $2.5 million in Federal funds on the table, it was determined to doom the TAAS service by playing petty political games instead of helping the thousands of Queenslanders who rely on the critical service to keep a roof over their heads. 

Mrs Miller said Housing Minister Tim Mander was showing his true cruel and callous colours by refusing to accept the offer and keep TAAS offices in regional centres throughout the state open.

“With a stroke of his pen Mr Mander can save thousands of families the anguish they will experience once this service is gone,” Mrs Miller said. 

“Instead, he chooses to play silly political games, refusing to even respond to this offer of $2.5 million which will keep TAAS offices open for the next six months. 

“That’s typical of a government that would axe this frontline service in the first place.  Continue reading

Tenants’ Union of Qld press release about the loss of Cairns TAAS

Reprinted from the TUQ’s website. TUQ_LOGO Or read it read it directly from here.  April 26.

Call for Premier to Review Funding Withdrawal as Tenant Service Closes

The Tenants’ Union of Queensland (TUQ) is calling on the Premier to urgently announce whether the government will fund advice and advocacy support services for tenants under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) following today’s announcement that the Cairns Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service (TAAS) is closing.

The Cairns TAAS service is the first to fall after the state government announced last year that it would discontinue funding to the TAAS Program, which supports the work of 23 organisations across the state.

The Federal Minister for Housing, Mr Mark Butler, has previously announced that tenant advice and advocacy services form a core requirement of the in-principle agreement with the states for the continuation of joint funding for homelessness services. Continue reading

Breaking news – Cairns TAAS closes

Sadly, today the Cairns TAAS will close it’s doors for the last time.  Their last experienced staff member has had to take an offer of more secure employment.  This is a grave loss for local tenants, the TAAS itself, as well as the entire network of tenant advice services statewide.

The closure is a direct result of the state government’s announcement last year that it would discontinue the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Program, despite funds coming from the ineterest generated on tenants’ bonds.

Thank you Cairns TAAS for all your work supporting local tenants over many years.
More to come.

Does your local MP support tenant services?

TAAS MapPlease ask your local member if they support the continuation of tenant services for their constituents. – and get them to ask the Premier to review the decision communicated by the Director-General of the Department of Housing not to fund after June 30.  Here’s a draft letter to help you or see below.  Write soon, time is running out!

Just a small percentage of the interest on tenants’ own bond money would fund services across the state.

Draft Letter

(insert date)

(Add your local MP’s address here)
Who is my MP? – call parliament house 1800 197 809
Don’t know your MP’s address click here or call parliament house
Dear (insert name of your MP here)

I am writing to ask if you support the advice from the Department of Housing Director-General, that there will be no future funding for services previously funded under the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Services (TAAS) Program.

As my local member I am asking you to voice your support for tenant advice and advocacy services in our community and seek reinstatement of funding for these services. Continue reading

Opposition says Disgraceful Newman Government Confirms TAAS Axed


Press Release THURSDAY 11 APRIL 2013

Shadow Housing Minister Jo-Ann Miller says the Newman Government has this afternoon confirmed it will abandon tenants needing assistance by not reinstating funds to 23 Tenant Advice and Advocacy Services (TAAS) across Queensland that will now close their doors on June 30.

“Today, the Newman Government has confirmed tenant advice and advocacy services in Queensland will cease to exist,” Mrs Miller said.

“There is now no-where in Queensland for tenants to go to access advice on their rights and obligations.

“Following the LNP government’s decision to cut these frontline services in July 2012 the federal government intervened to provide $3.3 million in emergency funding until 30 June 2013.

“This has allowed TAAS services to keep their doors open and provide free information and advice on affordable housing, maintenance of properties, rent increases, assistance with going to court when meditation has failed and enquiries about rent arrears.

“TAAS providers across Queensland were hopeful the new Minister for Housing Tim Mander would reverse the previous Minister’s decision last year to axe these services. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS – Department says no extension to current contracts

BREAKING NEWS – 23 TAAS services are today being advised by the Department of Housing that current funding contracts will not be extended.  Services are calling on the Premier to review this decision and reinstate funding from tenants’ bond interest to tenant advice services.  You can help – please call, email or write as quickly as possible:

Queensland Premier
The Hon Campbell Newman MP
GPO Box 15185
Phone: (07) 3224 4500
Fax:  (07) 3221 1809
Email:  [email protected]
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/campbell.newman
Twitter:  @theqldpremier