What you can do to help in 2013

We need your help again and urgently.  Emergency funding to our services runs out on December 31, 2013 unless the state government restores funding to us (and we think that a small part of the interest generated on tenants’ bond is an appropriate source – as it was until last year).  If you have time to help us, here are a few ideas.

  1. Write and ask your local MP if they support tenant services and get them to ask the Premier to review the funding withdrawal. (Use our draft letter here) (find their addresses here).
  2. Send this instant email to the Premier, the Treasurer, and the Housing Minister to request the State government provide a small amount of tenant bond interests for tenant services.
  3. Call the Housing Minister (07 3237 1832), the Treasurer (07 3224 6900), and the Premier (07 3224 4500) to request the State government provide a small amount of tenant bond interests for tenant services.
  4. Volunteer to help! We are active at markets and shopping centres and need people to help distribute fliers.
  5. Request that the Federal Government extends the emergency funding by sending this email to the Federal Attorney-General Senator The Hon George Brandis QC.
  6. Send Facebook messages/questions or make a comment about funding for tenant advice services to these politicians:
  7. Contact the media to voice your concerns or to tell stories about how these services helped you or your friends/family – letters to the editor are very helpful.
  8. Like us on Facebook http://on.fb.me/MW7QY4.
  9. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/SaveTenantServs or http://bit.ly/MsPRIT.
  10. Spread the word, ask others to help.