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I am writing to ask if you support the decision made by the state government last year to withdraw funding for all independent tenant advice services in Queensland.

As my local member I am asking you to voice support for these services in our community and seek reinstatement of funding for them.

I also ask you to approach Premier Campbell Newman on my behalf and request he consider re-funding these services before December when their emergency funding from the Commonwealth runs out.

Until last year, just a small percent of the interest generated on tenants’ own bonds – not taxpayer dollars – provided fundng for local, independent services in 23 locations statewide, employing highly trained workers.  It’s only fair that these services are reinstated for tenants. 

Without your successful intervention tenant advice services will close on December 31 and tenants will have nowhere to go for independent advice and tenancy support.  The system will not work and tenants will be disadvantaged within it.

For many this wil lead to rental stress and potential homelessness.

I look forward to your written response to these urgent concerns for local tenants.

Yours sincerely

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