Newman Govt announces RTA board with NO tenant representation.

The Newman Government delivers another blow to tenants.

The RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) has a board that has normally consisted of members who can provide perspective from a variety of stakeholder groups.

For the last 20 years there has been a board member representing tenants on the RTA board, as there should be, the RTA is funded from the proceeds from tenant’s bond money.

In another attack aimed at Qld tenants the Newman Government appointed the RTA board this week with NO tenants’ representative. The new board consists of members with backgrounds in real estate agencies, property owner groups, public housing, finance and building but NOT from groups representing tenants. One third of Queenslanders are tenants – tenants’ money provides the capital to run the RTA – it is hard to believe that tenants’ interests are not represented.

This move further highlights the need for an independent tenant’s advice service in Qld.

8 thoughts on “Newman Govt announces RTA board with NO tenant representation.

  1. I do wonder why Government finds it so hard to do the right thing! It is not rocket science to include all appropriate stakeholders on such a board, and attempting to ignore the Tenant’s voice clearly demonstrates a disconnect with how ordinary people live. Why is it so hard to get honest, transparent, inclusive views routinely present in Government? Both Landlords and Tenants need a voice. I have been both in my lifetime!


  2. Well said Anne.

    Imagine the outcry if the RTA was 100% funded by landlords & they were denied a voice at the table.

    The point is this would never happen in a million years.

    Yet tenants’ interests are ignored.

    Newman government happy to take tenants’ interest, happier to ignore their concerns.

  3. All pay no say for Queensland tenants.

    While landlords, agents and the Newman government stick their snouts into the til, Queensland tenants are left footing the bill.

      • If I was a pirate I know who I would have walk the plank, me heartie..

        Seriously – if you are not seriously outraged at what is happening here then I suggest you think digest the following about the Residential Tenancies Authority:

        100% – tenanted funded
        0% – representation of tenants on the Board

  4. I am getting very scared at what I am seeing. We should not have a government that supresses all voices of disagreement – that is what happens in dictatorships – not modern western government. I can’t understand how they justify this.

  5. I am so glad I moved my family out of Queensland in April, 2012. I got the feeling that it’s time to quit Queensland and I am so very glad we did. Seriously, I feel as if we fled as the Nazi’s came into power.

  6. First we had the bikie gang and recidivist sexual offenders laws that breach the Separation of Powers, a fundamental dictum of our Westminster System of government and now the blatant exclusion of a tenants representative on the RTA. Our democracy is being eroded by a power hungry LNP who have no regard for anyone but big business and the $$$ bottom line.