Please extend the Federal emergency funding to tenant services

The Federal Government acknowledged the importance of the tenant advice and advocacy services that have existed in Qld for over 20 years and provided emergency money after the Qld Government diverted away the small percentage of tenants’ own bond interest that had provided the funding for these services.

With no long term solution available from the Newman Government as yet we must ask that the Federal Government extends its funding until the Qld Government is prepared to give its commitment to independent tenant advice and advocacy services.

Please send an email request to the Federal Attorney General.

One thought on “Please extend the Federal emergency funding to tenant services

  1. Tenants money once fully funded a vital specialist service for tenants in Queensland to assist with information, advice, contacting the lessor/agent if needed, help with understanding processes and filling in forms and referral to other helpful services etc. This was not a duplication of any other free,or funded service that is currently available. The RTA and Community Legal Services do not offer any part of the curent service available from TAAS services statewide and now funded by the taxpayer through emergency Commonwealth funds till 31 December 2013. Thank you for the current funding and please continue this into 2014 and encourage the State Government to recommence funding this vital service for the Queensland Community especially tenants and their parents and friends.