Renovating Housing Report shows the imbalance – need for tenant services

The report – “Renovating Housing Policy” released by the Grattan Institute last week clearly describes the imbalance already present in the Australian Housing system. Landlords and owners of homes enjoy enormous benefits through Government policies compared to people who rent their homes. As more people are renting their home, and renting for a longer part of their lives this imbalance of fairness will cause more strain to the system and anguish for more people – especially tenants.

With the odds stacked so much against them tenants need access to independent tenants’ advice and advocacy services.

When these services were funded by the tenants’ own bonds and not from State taxes it makes the case for continuing the funding seem beyond obvious.

If you can help please spread the word, consider volunteering, and write to your MP & the Premier

See the Grattan Report

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