The Qld government introduces tenancy law changes for social housing tenants

The Queensland government today introduced the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill which will, amongst other things, provide new options to evict social housing tenants.  It also introduces limits on the Tribunal when considering whether to evict a social housing, so that they do not refuse to terminate the tenancy just because the tenant is a social housing tenant.

If passed, it will also reduce the notice time required to end a social housing tenancy agreement when the tenant is no longer eligible for housing.  The time is reduced from two months to one month.  We will seek more information and post it when we get it.

7 thoughts on “The Qld government introduces tenancy law changes for social housing tenants

  1. Will the change affect people who rent private as the RTA Act says this act covers all tenants and there are not many thing that are differnt foe Social Housing Tenants

  2. Diane, these changes are only for tenants in public and community housing. We understand there will be further changes to tenancy law later on but the government want to get these changes through before the bulk of stock transfers occur. We will seek further analysis of the Bill in the coming days and post when we can.

  3. This is the worst kind of targetting of marginalised people. Changing even basic rights with notices reduced from two months to one to leave is outrageous. Bringing in special requirements that private tenants are not requied to comply with such as behavioural agreements etc is a travesty of justice. It will lead to great hardship and homelessness for those who need housing most. This is a political witch hunt seeking to punish the poor and avoid the state’s responsiblity to house those most in need. Shame on the Newman government!

  4. We live in a Queensland Housing place neighbouring an Indigenous family who have gone out of their ways to be filthy, violent and aggressive. We live in constant fear for ourselves and property having witnessed these people constantly trespass onto our residence, slander us, steal our mail, urinate on our residence and property, stalk and surveil us constantly, threaten our safety and throw their trash into our yard finding Queensland Housing completely useless even after countless CCTV footage evidence. We are sick of it and WANT JUSTICE. Why do we need to face this type of behaviour by those who have proven to be feral? Why are we and people like us discriminated against?