Government must put people before politics and accept TAAS funding offer – State Opposition

Government Must Put People Before Politics And Accept TAAS Funding Offer

TUESDAY 28 MAY 2013 

The Newman government has put politics before people, refusing to accept a Commonwealth offer to save the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service with the Cairns TAAS already closed and Rockhampton TAAS to close by the end of the week.

Shadow Housing Minister Jo-Ann Miller said although the LNP government had an offer of $2.5 million in Federal funds on the table, it was determined to doom the TAAS service by playing petty political games instead of helping the thousands of Queenslanders who rely on the critical service to keep a roof over their heads. 

Mrs Miller said Housing Minister Tim Mander was showing his true cruel and callous colours by refusing to accept the offer and keep TAAS offices in regional centres throughout the state open.

“With a stroke of his pen Mr Mander can save thousands of families the anguish they will experience once this service is gone,” Mrs Miller said. 

“Instead, he chooses to play silly political games, refusing to even respond to this offer of $2.5 million which will keep TAAS offices open for the next six months. 

“That’s typical of a government that would axe this frontline service in the first place. 

“This is about keeping a roof over family’s heads. This is about preventing homelessness. It’s about preventing families from having to live in shelters, to live in their cars. 

“But while five states and territories have now signed on to the Federal Government’s National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness for 2013/14 – guaranteeing federal funds will flow to their states – Mr Mander instead prefers to jeopardise the future of homelessness services in Queensland.

“This government doesn’t care about families who have to scrape together the rent every week.

“This government does not care about homeless people.”

Mrs Miller said the Federal Labor Housing and Homelessness Minister had put $159 million on the table in March on the condition that states matched funding but Queensland has failed to do so. 

“Mr Mander has indicated that he wants a bricks and mortar solution to homelessness in Queensland, but has failed to contribute to the Commonwealth’s capital and development fund, which will allow the State Government to obtain grants for such bricks and mortar activities.

“The money is there to be taken but what we are confronted with from this government is a new era of heartlessness.

“This is a Minister who says he is interested in housing the homeless but nothing could be further from the truth. 

“It makes no financial sense to cut these services because if you don’t support people and help get them out of homelessness it only results in more costs with increased levels of crime and demand on health and other services in the future.

 “TAAS provides crucial help for those families finding it difficult to locate and remain in accommodation, both in the private and public housing market. It provides crucial help for people who are in danger of ending up on the streets.

 “Why any government would drag its feet on signing up beggars belief.

 “But on the eve of what is destined to be a horror budget from this LNP government it shows that those less privileged Queenslanders are once again at the very bottom of its list of priorities.”

3 thoughts on “Government must put people before politics and accept TAAS funding offer – State Opposition

  1. I keep asking why Mr Newman and his housing minister dont spend a week in a TAAS office. I guess they are waiting for them all to close. If they did this they would then know what this vital service does do.
    The Newman Gov is all about money and not people, or the rich not the poor. Little do they know it could be one of them that is deemed homeless, it is not always a choice thing and it can happen to anyone . A business deal goes wrong, they have to pay out a partner and are left with nothing, I wish it would come to them so they stop judging people who for no fault of theirs are poor.

  2. “What we are confronted with from this govt is a new era of heartlessness”!

    • In reflection on a role-model democracy, “we had to have”! Boasted by the Premier, whose Dept of Housing insisted that the ovarian cancer sufferer (metastasised stage 3C papillary serous carcinoma) must apply for 2 bedroom unit, since her 1 bedroom unit (60m² premises) deemed to be overcrowded due to the lodged (friend) carer in the spacious 14m² living room. Five years prognosis applied for stage 1, so what the prospect for stage 3C diagnosed in 2009. Should the worse happen, reallocated to the 2 bedroom unit (friend) carer would be then booted out (into a cramped bed-sitter).

  3. “This is a Minister who says he is interested in housing the homeless but nothing could be further from the truth”!

    In reflection on the Housing Appeals & Review unit modus operandi, preset to never bite the hand that feeds it. No wonder for 09-01-13 dated rebuff (HAR13-0025) Mr Braun’s residency reinstatement request. Whilst the Govt Dept of the relentless adversary bearing utilised intimidation tactics, instead of making clear to the puzzled public-housing-inhabitants how the alleged overcrowding emanated? When precisely same two-human-beings inhabited same one-bedroom-unit over the years.

    So what’s the point to target senior/ailing human-beings? Glad to have a rare day without pain! Was it some sort of weird anomaly or a payback vendetta whims? Not suffice lethal bushfires and relentless flood devastations impact on the chronic accommodation shortage, Dept of Housing felt at ease to pursue bogus overcrowding claim! Insisting that since a couple was entitled to occupy one-bedroom-unit, minister “had a duty” to cast-out living arrangement of separated under one roof.