Companies spy a way to exploit tenants – Business Spectator

Kim4We think this is a good article. Queensland lead the way introducing protections against the unreasonable practices of tenancy database companies. Now most, if not all states and territories have some form of protection, despite that some companies continually try to find new ways to work around them.

It was Queensland tenant advocates that pushed for these initial protections, not industry. What will happen when the advocates are gone? The market will become skewed and unfair. It’s going to be a rocky road ahead for Qld tenants.

Regional battlers lose another local tenant advice service

Reprinted from the Sunshine Coast Daily online Dec 9

Tenants Union of Queensland Fraser Coast office to close

TROUBLED tenants on the Fraser Coast will have nowhere to get face-to-face help with closure of the Fraser Coast office of the Tenants Union of Queensland (TUQ).

For 19 years the not-for-profit organisation provided an outreach service from the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre every Monday, offering advice and assistance to renters. (Read the entire article directly from the website here).

More changes for Qld public housing tenants

Media statement from Housing Mininster Mander 3-12-13

No more gap year for public tenants

The Newman Government has moved to tighten up generous public housing rules that left properties vacant for up to a year while tenants took extended holidays or served prison terms.

Housing Minister Tim Mander said under Labor’s old rules, tenants could take getaways of up to 12 months without putting their tenancies at risk.

“These houses are there to house the most vulnerable members of society. They’re no good to anyone sitting there empty,” Mr Mander said.

“This Government promised to revitalise frontline services, something that’s particularly important when we’re dealing with families on low or modest incomes. Continue reading