Day of Action – Call to Reinstate on August 28

We need your help on Tuesday August 28th, a day of action calling for the complete reinstatement of the Tenant Advice and Advocacy (TAAS) Program. YOUR CALL!!Save Tenant Services Icon

What you can do:

  1. CALL the Premier and the Housing Minister to seek complete reinstatement of the TAAS program. Keep it short so others can get through!
  2. If you can’t get through, fax or email but keep trying to CALL the Premier and the Housing Minister.
  3. In Brisbane, help us to deliver postcards to the Premier’s electorate office in Ashgrove. Meet at 12.15pm Corner of Stewarts Rd and Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove (Stewart Place – War Memorial).  Please, bring all your family and friends.
  4. If you are in a regional area you can print out postcards and deliver them to your local MP.

If you want you can add some or all of the following pieces of information to your call:

  • TAAS funding is mainly from tenant bond interest and it isn’t fair tenants are denied free access to tenancy advice
  • The RTA doesn’t provide advice or advocacy services to tenants.
  • 80,000 renting households every year will be denied access to tenancy advice which for some of them will result in homelessness.

We want to show the extent of concern for the funding cuts to tenant advice services  on August 28 and need as many people as possible to join in! Come on, make the call!

For the Brisbane event we will be bright and organised.  Please come along if you can.

Contact details:
HOUSING MINISTER                                          PREMIER
Hon Bruce Flegg MP                                           Hon Campbell Newman MP
Ph –   3237 1832                                                 Ph –   3224 4500
Fax – 3012 9017                                                 Fax – 3221 1809
[email protected]   [email protected]

Ask for the Premier and Housing Minister.  If they’re not available, their Chief of Staff or senior/policy advisor.  If no one is available ask the person who answers to leave your message to reinstate the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Program and if you want, ask them to call you back. 

5 thoughts on “Day of Action – Call to Reinstate on August 28

  1. The TAAS help for Tenants in Queensland should be reinstated, as many Tenants are taken advantaged of by Landlords with lack of respect, and Duty of care…

  2. Please do the right thing and reinstate the funding to the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service. Homelessness is a huge problem in Queensland and this Service is pivotal in keeping many people in housing.

  3. The TAAS service is the life blood for tenants. If this service is ceased many tenants will be in danger of becoming homeless. Their previous experiences with RTA will hinder their trying to get support. This TAAS service is essential!

  4. The Tenants Union of Queensland and the Tenant Advice & Advocacy Services exist because they fulfil a need. Cut them and the need will still be there. Without advice and advocacy services to help tenants maintain their tenancies, there will be an increase in homelessness, overcrowding, family disruption, kids missing school and other problems associated with people not having secure homes.

  5. Getting a roof over your head for many is a battle, to keep the roof over your head is a constant struggle. Tenancy services help in that struggle by providing advice and advocacy that empowers tenants to know and enforce their rights. Where does Newman and Flegg think tenants evicted from private rental go? Axing tenancy advice services saves no dollars and makes no sense.