Baby Grace calls for re-funding of Tenant Services in Qld!!

Baby GraceWe’d like to introduce you to our newest recruit.  Baby Grace says she’s happy to live with her family for now but one day she’s going to want to move out into a place of her own.  The chances are, that’ll be into the private rental market.  And she wants to have a fair market to live in – one that includes services which can help her understand her rights and responsibilities and assist her to act on them in order achieve the best outcomes for her.

Baby Grace really wants Tenant Services in Queensland to be re-funded by the State government (all it would take is a small percentage of the interest generated on tenants’ own bonds) before the current funding ends on December 31, 2013.

Help SAVE TENANT SERVICES beyond 2013!  Keep an eye out – we’ll be updating this site in the very near future and moving back into campaign gear.

(Note – names have been changed to protect the young!)


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