Minister calls on PM to reinstate long-term funding for homelessness

We think there is more than a hint of hypocrisy in this media statement issued today by Minister Mander. The Queensland government has failed to fund tenant advice and advocacy services which we understand is a requirement of them under the current National Partnership Agreement on  Homelessness.
Minister Mander’s Housing statement aims to divert 250,000 people from social housing into the private rental market (PRM) between now and 2020. The services being expanded by the Minister, like the government-run RentConnect, help people enter the PRM but don’t help to keep people more safely and securely housed while they live there. And they don’t advocate changes to tenancy law to make sure the market works for tenants and mitigates against them slipping out of it and onto social housing waitlists.
Come on Queensland government, re-fund tenant advisory services before December 31 this year. It only takes a small percentage of the interest generated on tenants’ bonds.

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