Tenant Story #4

A client had an appointment at our outreach service and presented to the appointment with her Notice of an Unresolved Dispute from the RTA.  She had until 5pm that afternoon to get her claim number in (which you get after you lodge an application in QCAT), otherwise her $1200 bond would be paid out to the other party, the agent.

The client was an elderly lady with numerous health problems and was distressed as she had lodged her QCAT application, Request for Attendance for Hearing by Remote Conference and Application for Waiver of Fees at the local court house, four days earlier and not heard a thing.

The property was in another area but this client was advised by the local courthouse that she could lodge the paperwork at this court house and they would forward it on.  She did not get a receipt as she had requested a waiver of fees.

She had spent some time on the phone the day before with QCAT but no one could find her application.  She was distressed and very upset and did not know what to do.  She was ready to give up and loose the bond to the other party.  But as a pensioner, it’s a lot of money to lose.

We sat and after a long time and numerous calls to QCAT, the local court house and the RTA, her application could not be traced and the RTA would not extend her time frame for getting the QCAT claim number in to them, it was not looking good!

With support from her local TAAS she persevered, went to the local court house and  requested they contact QCAT and trace the paperwork, something they had not offered to do.  Her paperwork was not traced that afternoon but they finally agreed to provide her with a receipt number which she could fax through to the RTA so to hold her bond.

Her application was later found and matched with her claim number.

She was extremely appreciative of the support from TAAS, otherwise she would not have known where to go or who to call next.

She is currently awaiting a hearing date which will be after June 30 so she will be required to prepare and attend the remote conference on her own, something she is extremely anxious and worried about.

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