Comments from Central Brisbane MP, Robert Cavallucci, way off the mark

Misinformed and somewhat offensive, Central Brisbane MP Robert Cavallucci talks about how the attitude of ‘unless the government pays for it, a service won’t be provided to the community’ is why the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service (TAAS) program had to be cut. He must be completely unaware that TAAS is funded mainly from the interest generated on tenants’ bonds. This money in now being appropriated by government for its own purposes. See his comments in this hot off the press article in Village News New Farm Fortitude Valley.  To read the article click here, then head to page 3 or the publication.


2 thoughts on “Comments from Central Brisbane MP, Robert Cavallucci, way off the mark

  1. • Speaking of which, how about to explore Member’s for Brisbane Central Maiden Speech! Exploited to the greatest possible advantage, verbalised mantra of the true hypocrite: “Do as I say, not as I do”! Whatever it takes to get elected on the false pretences, manifested within the following excerpts:

    “I rise here today to speak for the first time in this House. I do so proudly and with the greatest honour present my address-in-reply to Her Excellency the Governor of Qld’s speech at the opening of the 54th Parliament. I pledge my loyalty to this parliament and to the electors of Brisbane Central”.

    “I was always a believer in small govts which provide efficient services that ensure equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome, whilst providing a safety net to those who lack the capacity to take care of themselves. I do not believe, like those who sit opposite do, that human nature is some form of social construct that an all-knowing govt is required to reshape with the ideal of achieving earthly perfection”.

    • “I am compelled to speak about and recognise those individuals who sacrificed so much in order to provide me with every opportunity to be in this House today. Very early in the campaign we made the decision to knock on the door of every home in the electorate, a task which I completed 1 1/2 times during the campaign. I did so in order to engage directly with the constituents about the issues which mattered to them and to deliver the LNP’s positive plans for change in Queensland”.

      “I walked every street in Brisbane Central many times over, and what I found were parts of the inner city of Brisbane that had suffered the indignity of inaction and in some parts slow decay — the clear markings of a government that had stopped listening to its people. As a consequence of their passion for change being equal to mine, most of the people I am about to mention made that walk with me”!