Federal Govt rescues TAAS

FEDERAL funding to ensure Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Services (TAAS) continued in the region was won by the Mount Isa Community Development Association (MICDA) this week, despite the state refusing similar funding to carry out the work.

MICDA manager Alison Bohannan said her staff would be briefed by the Tenancy Union of Queensland (TUQ) tomorrow on how staff should deliver their advocacy and advice services under their management.

“The Australian government has now offered funding to provide those services through the Tenants Union of Queensland instead of the state government,” she said.

“We can still provide court support, education and awareness but we need to find out where we stand on providing advice.”Mrs Bohannan said the Newman government was now providing TAAS through religious organisations and local members’ offices.

“I don’t think the minster understands what services were on offer, they are professional services,” she said. “Any service that prevents tenants from becoming homeless is definitely worthwhile and saves the government money down the track.”

The TUQ funding will commence on July 1 and continue until December 31 this year, maintaining MICDA’s ability to retain a staff member with advocacy and education knowledge.

State Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said he was cautious about losing any services in the region.

“It’s always pleasing to hear when we can retain services in Mount Isa because usually the reverse is true,” he said.

“We’ve had enormous pressures building social housing in the city particularly during this time of year and well-qualified people giving advice will always be helpful. I’ll always be supportive if it’s a well-resourced and well-skilled service.”

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