Send your notice to remedy breach to the Housing Minister today!

In celebration of International Tenants’ Day, we need your help again today, Tuesday October 2.  Send a Notice to Remedy Breach to Housing Minister Bruce Flegg, asking him to remedy his breach and reinstate funding for free, universally accessible tenant advice services.  At the Save Tenant Services headquarters, we’re about to send ours off!

For those of you who don’t know how these tenancy forms work, you have to tell the other person what their breach is and ask them to rectify it by a specified date.  On October 2, you can describe the breach in your own words or use one of our suggestions, then ask the Minister to rectify the problem by October 31, the date on which the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service funding will be discontinued.   

How to help step by step:

  1. Fill in a Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach – (you can make up your own or use samples).  Use the NTRB filled in or fill in the empty  NTRB here.
  2. Today, October 2, email or fax this notice to the HOUSING MINISTER to  [email protected] or (Fax) 07 3012 9017  or send it by Australia Post to GPO Box 2457 BRISBANE   QLD 4001
  3. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to join the action.

If you would like to learn more about International Tenants’ Day 2012 please read this link.  Or visit the IUT’s website at 

On August 28, the Day of Action, we sent messages and made phone calls to the Minister.  We delivered postcards to the Premier.  The government needs another reminder, send a Notice to Remedy Breach today, October 2.

PS International Tenants’ Day is actually on the first Monday of October, which is the 1st this year, but because it’s a holiday, we’re sending the notice to remedy to reach the Minister on Tuesday October the second.

3 thoughts on “Send your notice to remedy breach to the Housing Minister today!

  1. This is so unfair and so silly it beggars belief. TAAS save heartache, save homes, and save public expenditure on homelessness, social housing and much more.

  2. Minister, how will people who can’t read, or can’t read English be assured of equal access to shelter and a safe place to lease? There must be an information service to help the most marginalised and vulnerable or we fail the “civilised” society test and turn our backs on Christian values and teachings.
    Make Queensland a decent society for the weakest among us, including the children.

  3. This is a vital services that costs little for so much needed return. Please reconsider this decision.