Housing Minister and Tenants’ Union debate tenant advice cuts

The Queensland Housing Minister and the Tenants’ Union of Queensland Coordinator discuss the cuts to the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Program as well as tenancy policy work on Radio National’s Life Matters with Natasha Mitchell.  Click here to listen.  You can provide comments on the website as well.

One thought on “Housing Minister and Tenants’ Union debate tenant advice cuts

  1. It is obvious from hearing this interview that the Minister for Housing does not understand what Rent Connect and the area offices of housing do. To compare these specific services to TAAS is like comparing a crocodile to a jellyfish. Rent Connect is a small program which has a very small eligibility criteria. With the departmental offices their job is to house and manage housing not to assist people who have disputes often with them!! Getting help from the department of housing when you’re a public housing tenant is like asking help from your boss when you have a union dispute. Get real Minister Flegg!