With more tenants than ever, the Government is making more money from our bonds and taking away our services!

Photo: James Brickwood

Across Australia, more people are renting in the private rental sector than previously, in fact there are twice as many renters today than there were in 1981.  And they are renting long term, no longer is private rental a transitional tenure to home ownership.  But renters in Australia have fewer tenancy rights than renters in Europe.

So why is the Qld Government withdrawing funding to tenant advice services?  Especially since the tenancy advice services are self-funded, ie they don’t rely on taxpayers because they are funded by a small portion of tenants’ bond money.  With more tenants, and therefore increased levels of bond interest, the government is in a better position than ever before to allow funding to go to support tenant advice services.

Contact your MP, write to the Premier demand our services back!

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